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The strange and prejudice gave way to a spark of attention… (Jan Hoet)

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Girl Reading in Chair Taipei

This bookstore is open 24/7. People come to relax after a hard day of work. I also like to stay here with my wife and son. Reading books (and buying too many). But also just to enjoy the quite atmosphere.

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Taiwan Metro

Constant change movie see here

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Taxi Searching for Clients at 4h30AM - New York

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December 31st 2012, New York Night walk 5.30 AM

The morning of December 31st. People move in the beautiful Grand Central Station in New York. They heading home or to nice places to celebrate with friends and family. Some have nowhere to go.

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Nothing to offer - Night Walk in New York (3.30 AM - 7 AM)

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Walking in New York 3.30 AM - 7.00 AM

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Abandoned man on a chair

Walking in the streets of Hong Kong. It is very early. The city wakes up and gets ready for another warm and rainy day. A man sleeps on a chair. Millions of people around him and yet no one to turn to. A human being abandoned by society, the tragedy of every large city.

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Connected Monk

Early morning rush in Hong Kong. People run in the corridors of the Metro. In front of me a Chinese monk texting and calling on his cell phone.

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Streets of Hong Kong

It's a late business dinner. I went out to get some fresh air. Hong Kong is a busy place. I'm surrounded by colours, movements, a mixture of different sounds and the nice smell of food. I always enjoy to be here. In front of the restaurant two man stopped to talk for a minute. Then the busy movement continues.

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Waiting with my son for the stars to move…

We are in the hills of Taiwan (in the North). It is late at night and my son and I are leaving to make star trail pictures. The sky is cloudy, but that can add a little extra effect to the picture if we are lucky. It’s a bit strange for my boy to be out so late. The location where we stay is surrounded by woods so there is little light pollution which is ideal for making night pictures. It’s very warm outside (28°C) and the crickets make a lot of noise. While we are waiting about two hours for the camera to make the picture, we are talking about everything. Pure quality time.

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Dragonfly part 2

It's my daily routine. I get up, go to the garden (at least when the weather is nice) and check the pond for Dragonflies. The one in the picture is a beauty. It sat very still and I could get close with my camera. It is still a larva but you can see its colors already through the larva skin. Unfortunately this one was eaten by a magpie the next day. Nature is cruel ;-)

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They are coming and I’m waiting for them...

A few years ago my wife installed a nice little pond in our garden. I learned that as soon as there is water, there is life. The pond has quite some creatures swimming in it, but one of them got my attention because it’s quite big (about 6 cm or 2.4 inches long), they have big eyes and look pretty scary. I send a picture of it to an organization specialized in biodiversity to ask what it was. It turned out to be a larva of a dragonfly. And indeed a few days later some of the larva’s changed into beautiful dragonflies. I love to look at them while they fly up and down our pond.

It’s actually an incredible animal. They existed already even before the time of the dinosaurs and they can fly with almost 100 km per hour (about 62 miles per hour).They have beautiful colors and when they fly they move in a gracious way.
When Dragonflies are in the water, they change their skin many times (sometimes up to 16 times). Their final change is when they become a flying being. How incredible it must be to be a creature that knows how to live under the water and then to know how to fly. With this enormous capacity to adapt and change, it is no wonder that this species was able to survive during all these millennia.

In China and Japan the dragonfly is considered a symbol of good fortune.