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The strange and prejudice gave way to a spark of attention… (Jan Hoet)

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Three Long Minutes of Your Life

Witnessed some great fights at the Golden Dragon Cup in Belgium.
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The winner of this fight is Michaelis, a very skilled and fair fighter.
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Eternal Carousel

Late night in the south of France. My family is sleeping. Except for my wife who is busy writing on her blog. Her nice sister felt asleep in the sofa. The kids are sleeping upstairs. It's quite and calm. After several hot days we had a heavy rainfall this afternoon. It's nice cool outside and the sky is all cleared up. I sneak out with my camera and a tripod in search for "the moving stars". We sleep in a beautiful old house that served as a farm before. Behind the main building, where the fields start, stands an old toy that is put there for decoration. The metal horse is my only companion while I wait patiently for my camera to make the star trail picture.

The camera points to the north so it seems as if the stars turn in a circle, just like a gigantic carousel.

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Tomorrowland 2013 - "I keep my memories alive"

I was lucky to receive some tickets to an event that is called Tomorrowland. Some months ago I didn't know what it was. Turned out that it is the 9th edition of the best music event on the planet. It is a festival with dance music…which is not my cup of tea. This being said, I had an increadible time. Thousands of people in a great mood dancing and having fun. A great location (in Belgium!) with fifteen different area's. Top DJ's from all over the world and even with Slash from Guns n Roses who together with DJ Chuckie fused Rock and House music. And most impressive, people from 200 nationalities celebrating peacefully together (this event should get a price from the UNESCO for this). The organisers did an unbelievable professional job in hosting and entertaining their guests. You can't be on Tomorrowland without being drawn into the positive vibes. Truly an event of the 21st century and definitely the best music event on the planet.

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Cool People at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Some book fairs are boring. Each year the same stuff and it is not really an innovative or inspiring event. However the Frankfurt book fair is different. One reason is that when you arrive there, you can’t overlook an interesting crowd of young people in beautiful costumes. The trend is called Cosplay. Young people dress up in their favourite comic character and enjoy meeting each other. I found it a nice distraction and it is fun to make pictures of them. Because once you approach them with your camera, they stand in position to fully express the character they represent. Really cool people. It’s great that the book fair stimulates this and even support the organisation of a Cosplay competition.
More info on Cosplay is here

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It's 8.00PM in Ypres, so they are remembered…

I went with my son to Ypres (Belgium) today. We visited the "In Flanders Fields" Museum. At 8.00PM we joined the ceremony at the Menin Gate. The buglers play the Last Post, the traditional final salute to the fallen. It's a daily act of homage in honour of the memory of the soldiers of the former British Empire and its allies. 8.00PM in Ypres, an impressive moment.

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