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The strange and prejudice gave way to a spark of attention… (Jan Hoet)

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Apple Store Hong Kong

My boy and I in the Apple Store Hong Kong... having a nice time

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Sacred place

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Brave little Nanjing boy

The little boy was not used to meet a foreigner. He was trying to make contact anyhow. Brave and nice little boy in Nanjing. His parents in the background encouraging him.

Great Breakfast in Hong-Kong. Step 1 and 2 :-)

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Step 1: Ordering the food
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Step 2: Enjoying a wonderful breakfast...
Step 1: Ordering the Food...
Step 2: Enjoying a wonderful breakfast…mmmh

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Hong Kong

Morning Market.

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January 2014

New York. Italian food in a perfect setting. Nice evening just the two of us.

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Night Walk in Hong Kong

Having a night walk with my lovely wife in Hong Kong. We love these quieter parts of the city.

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