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Clipboard with Pencil_16x16My friend Peter told me, "Let’s go to a concert. There is this great band called 74 Miles Away and they are giving their last gig this year." Well, Peter really knows about music, but the concert was on a Sunday at 11h00 a.m., in a small town somewhere in Belgium... So I listened first to what I could find about them on youtube and iTunes. Peter said the song Seven Four is really cool... and as always he was right.

The setting was a bit weird for a concert...and the time of the day also. But then they started to play and they have this great sound. Music is very personal and for me this music gives me energy. It’s smooth and not aggressive but yet you can’t ignore it when you hear it. It’s just the right kind of sound. The track Neverending Rhodes lasts 6:23 minutes but it is still to short for me. I play it time and time again and it doesn’t wear off.

Great musicians. Highly recommended.

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