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Corean-Man-Pix - Version 2
clipboard-with-pencil_16x16 Some days ago I drove through Baltimore MD, Station North District and I saw a monumental and strong image of an Asian man on a wall. I was driving by and could only have a glimpse of it, but the image sticked in my head. The next day, early morning, I went back to make a little movie on it

At first sight, the neighbourhood does not look particularly inviting, but the image gets your attention right away. Who is this man? Who is the artist who made this impressive image and why did he made it? One tweet of the movie was sufficient to get the answers I was looking for.

This painting is part of a great initiative called Open Walls Baltimore 2, where artists help to evolve neighbourhoods by bringing their inspiring art. The man is the father of a Korean Rise Cake Shop owner who lives around the corner. The artist send me an email explaining that he is from Koblenz, Germany. This is funny because I grew up in Cologne which is less than an hour drive away from Koblenz. Discovering an artist in the US who grew up close to me… :-) For more great work from Hendrik Beikirch AKA ECB see

If you are in Baltimore, you might want to visit the Station North district and support this great artist neigbourhood.

Some more resources about the Korean Man

IMG_2092 - Version 2