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clipboard-with-pencil_16x16 Some people tell stories of great people or great events, and other people have the gift to just tell great stories. Judith Vanistendael is such a great storyteller. Yesterday I read here third cartoon-book, “When David lost his voice”. It’s a sad story, but it is told so beautifully. No shocking effects, no unnecessary drama, instead it is a story of normal people and it feels so real.

Her two-first cartoons, were in black and white a bit like that beautiful and famous cartoon Persepolis by Satrapi. In this one however it seems that every stroke, every composition of images on a page and the way she uses colors, are an expression of emotions. And it are these emotions that guide you through the story. The contrasts between the different characters, the young and the old, the new born and the dying and the kids that write letters to each other and send them by using air balloons make the story so normal and yet so powerful. I read it cover to cover and enjoyed the talent of this great storytelling.

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