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Indignados...and the potential of severe violence

Clipboard with Pencil_16x16I went to talk to some indignados in the Jubel-park in Brussels. The mayor of the city allowed them to stay another night in the park. When I arrived they were having a meeting about what they would do the next days. It is sad to see that so many people feel locked out from our society. They are angry, disappointed in our capitalist system and even in our democracy. And many of them feel that they have nothing to lose. It’s a potential dangerous cocktail. It has always been that when to many people feel that their government is corrupt or can not provide in the welfare of the common people, that a few of them could start to use violence as a means to get what they want. The “Rote Armee Fraction” (RAF) in Germany was an example of this. A group of left wing intellectuals who went underground and believed in the armed struggle against capitalism. I still remember when in 1977 (I was a young boy then) Hans Martin Schleyer, an important industrial leader in Germany, was murdered by the RAF in Cologne. It happened not far from were my family lived. For years, every week-end when I went to do sports, I passed by the place were he was kidnapped. I hope that our European and country governments are aware of this potential danger. If they proof to be incapable as democratic leaders to take swift actions, and if they don’t hurry to find good solutions to stabilize the financial markets, more protest will follow. I hope it will stay peaceful then. (278 words)

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cinquantenaire, indignados
cinquantenaire, indignadoscinquantenaire, indignados