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Irony is an expression of cowardliness

Clipboard with Pencil_16x16Irony can be a very beautiful form of humor. But unfortunately it is often an expression of cowardliness. Because when someone comes up with a new idea, a new concept or a new way to approach a problem, it is easy to laugh and be ironic about it. This is the attitude of the coward. But it takes courage to believe in a new idea and support the person who came up with it. Yes, there is always the chance of failure. But that is only one of the possible option. It’s by daring to try new things that progress is made. Not by holding on to the status quo.

A couple of years ago I wrote a book and as a part of the research I had the privilege to do in-depth interviews with top people from different disciplines. Among them were Jacques Rogge (president of the International Olympic Committee, IOC), Jan Hoet (one of leading curators of contemporary art exhibitions in the world), Eddy Merckx (the greatest cyclist of all time) and many others. When analyzing the interviews it became clear that there were three reasons why they were so successful in life. (1) They all were passioned about what they were doing. Although many of them got a lot of resistance about what they wanted to do in life, they all stayed true to their passion. (2) All of them were very disciplined and worked incredibly hard. (3) And finally, they all had somebody around them who believed in them and in this way encouraged them to persevere. (268 words)

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