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Clipboard with Pencil_16x16I spend the last two days in Amsterdam following a seminar on vocal awareness. The name of the seminar was “Your voice is power. Maximize your leadership potential”. Normally I’m very skeptical about seminars with such a title. I’m probably biased but it triggers a kind of fuzzy New Age image in me. But then it was promoted by the INSEAD Alumni and with a little googling I was starting to let go my skepticism. The person behind this is Arthur Samuel Joseph, a man passioned about the voice of people. He worked with actors like Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie, Pierce Brosnan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ok, I thought, let’s sign up and see.

I have to say that I was truly impressed about the seminar. It was by far the best training I had in years. Arthur is a real expert and showed us what we can do with our own voice and what a voice represents in a person. It was far beyond some technical aspects of how to use your voice, it was about growing as a person through the conscious use of our voices. Next to Arthur, the seminar was facilitated by Elizabeth van Geerstein and Steve Knight. Again very impressive people and great coaches. The mix of the three was just perfect: voice, authentic leadership and business communication.

I would really recommend this session to anyone who wants to further develop his or her leadership potential.

Arthur Samuel Joseph, Steve Knight, Elizabeth van Geerstein
Arthur, Elisabeth and Steve in action in Amsterdam 10th November 2011.

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